The Gender Virus

Hello everyone! Hope everyone is having an excellent Friday. I’m glad my weekend is almost here (I work Tuesday-Saturday) but I can’t say that I’m enjoying the serious chest cold.

We’ve been super busy with NaNoWriMo- I can’t wait until we can start sharing it with all of you.

I have been thinking about starting a weekly Sunday post where I share some others blogs. If anyone is interested in being featured please let me know. I will be sharing tons of different types of blogs. What do you guys think?!

Happy Friday

“I don’t want to go to school today, yesterday Troy dumped milk on my head. Everyone keeps calling me milk head now.” Jake admitted as the snow crunched under his boots walking with his sister, Charlee to school.


“What! Why am i just hearing about this now?” Charlee shrieked yanking Jake around forcing him to look her in the eyes, she still wasn’t used to that fact he was almost taller than her now. Charlee had always been a little overprotective over her little brother. He had almost been held back last year until a caring teacher had noticed the signs of dyslexia. When their excuse for not diagnosing it had just been ‘this is not a disorder usually found in someone who has been genetically modified’ she had been furious, throwing a nasty tantrum that had gotten her suspended for a week.


“You can’t stick up for me forever Charlee, next year I’ll be on my own. Plus you know if you get in trouble again…” he trailed off gloomily.


“I have had it with that little turd. He can’t get away with treating you like that.” She kicked loose a pile of snow on the sidewalk.


“It’s not a big deal. Just forget it.”


“If he messes with you again he’s going to meet my fist no matter what mom says.”


Charlee brushes the snow flakes off of Jake’s poofy green coat before giving him a quick hug goodbye; the freshman classes were on the opposite end of the large stone building from the senior classes. She had managed to get them into the same lunch period and planned on taking him out for lunch everyday but he insisted on eating in the cafeteria.


“Today we are moving on to binomials, I trust that everyone read Chapter four last night.” Mr. Moz turns toward the chalkboard and wrote something on the board that looks like a foreign language. Charlee turned towards the window that looking out on the quad, math worst her favorite subject. It was like staring at the puzzle for the cure for cancer-impossible. A well-dressed man comes running from behind the gym arms waving wildly focused on something far in the distance. He’s gone quickly, Charlee stares in the direction the man went hoping to catch another glimpse.


“Charlee? Do you have an answer to the question on the board?” Her attention snapped back to the short, plump teacher who was giving her a knowing smile. He knew that she was not paying attention- her cheeks reddened and she gave a short head shake. “Okay, Max can you go up to the board and show Charlee how to do it?”


This sent the whole class into fits of laughter, Charlee picked up her pencil sitting up straight. She was going to show the class that she wasn’t a complete idiot, even if Mr. Moz was determined to prove her as such.


“Attention teachers and students of Hensburg High the building is now under lock down. This is not a drill. I repeat the school is now on lock down.” The school’s PA cut through the school causing everyone to stop laughter.


“O-okay kids, everyone please get along the wall here while I lock the door. Charlee and Rose can you please quickly shut the curtains.” Mr. Moz jumped into action, keys jingling as he searches for the right one. The same girls that would laugh and talk during the drills ran to the corner cowering, fear etched into their eyes.


“Oh my god!” Rose shouted, pointing out to the picnic tables. An older gentle, probably mid-forties is chasing Mrs. Tellar. Her screams pierced the quiet atmosphere as she is tackled to the ground.


The curtains are yanked close, Mr. Moz pushing the girls towards the wall. No one speaks, instead all that can be heard it the clicking of fingernails on cell phone screens. Charlee yanks out her phone pulling up Jake’s number.


Are you okay? ~C


Yes. What’s happening? We heard someone screaming. ~J


I don’t know. Just do as your teacher says. I’ll come get you as soon as I can. Text me if anything else happens, okay? ~C


Okay… ~J


After two long hours the principal came back on the PA system to announce that all the kids were to report to the gymnasium where they would be grouped and sent off on buses. It was a little strange, the school had budget cuts and the school buses were the first to go. When Charlee finally found Jake in the crowd her body relaxed but her mind started to wander. What was going on?

Their large stark white house was quiet when they arrived home- at least it wasn’t serious enough that they had been sent home from work, maybe it wasn’t a big deal after all. She slumped onto the plush tan couch next to Jake. Jake was flipping through the channels until he found the news.

“The citizens of Hensburg were frightened today by a weird series of attacks. Almost fifty people were attacked today by some apparent crazed lunatics. Channel 5 took a deeper look.” Jim Lager’s voice boomed from the television screen. Charlee always made jokes towards her mom’s insistence that they never watch any other news team. She glanced at her phone again but neither of her parents had texted her back yet. An uneasy feeling had settled in her stomach, some words of comfort would go a long way.


Untitled design

I bet everyone’s wondering what exactly the gender virus is…and what it means.

Don’t worry, the reveal will happen very, very soon!

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