Winding Down on NaNoWriMo

As many of you know my husband and I have been participating in NaNo this year for the first time. It’s been keeping me really busy as you can tell from the slow down of posts. We decided to join a little late and just didn’t have enough time to prepare but we’ve been going strong. I’m at 41k, getting close to the end!

So, I decided to write a little advice on the last week of NaNo based off of what I just learned.

If you’re anything like me you’ve gotten to the point where you’ve built everything up a little bit but you feel like you’re going slow because you just aren’t sure how to go from that point to really getting the climax of your book going. That bam point that your readers are just going to be unable to stop reading at. And you are stuck. Plucking a word here and there feeling like you aren’t moving at all.

You’ve probably got that general idea of where you want to go, right? I did. My MC was about to attempt an escape from The Proving and her government for fear for her life. She saw something that triggered it and I was going to have her run with her best friend.

So-so. Yeah, the journey would be crazy and fun but I just kept feeling like this is too easy for her. To simply run right now? Right before things get really bad.

So I changed it.

Sure, Addy was about to run but instead she was detained before she could finish her plan. Now she’s in a torturous chamber, will she get out?

I spat out 2k words like it was nothing, when the past three days I had struggled to write 300.

So my advice: if you’re struggling where you are…typing slowly and feeling dejected and like a failure who should just give up right now.


Instead make whatever happens next way, way worse for your main character. And then, fight to get them where they need to before the end.

What do you guys think? Try it out and let me know!


We are gearing up for NaNoWriMo- it’s less than a week away now. We’re both excited to try this but there’s that tingly nervous feeling hanging around. Has anyone ever tried it? If you haven’t: it’s National Novel Writing Month- the goal is to write 50,000 from November 1st-30th. It’s really all about helping people write and just getting them to keep going and going. If you want to learn more: click here.

We just announced our plan for our novel and wanted to see what everyone thought. Here goes nothing:

In a world were The Tower controls them all…in which their own goods are stolen, and hiding them is punishable by death, one region is allowed extra rations and is rotated near to the tower. That region is decided every year in a spectacular Tower-only viewing television event in which the volunteer 18 year old are put through a series of tests- of knowledge, power and physical abilities.

Addy is finally 18 and eligible for The Proving…her region hasn’t won in years and her family is dying. She finally has the chance to prove herself but when unexplained disappearances happen around her she begins to question everything she’s ever known. Will Addy make it to the end?

Does it sound interesting? Would you read it? We will probably update with small excerpts but will wait to start posting the whole thing until after the month is over. Let us know in the comments!


Don’t worry if you were looking for You’re Playing My Game Now (YPMGN) Part 4, Rise of the Dead part 2- those will be coming soon!

You’re Playing My Game Now Part 3

If you haven’t read any of the series yet check out Part 1Part 2 first!


The anger that has so often reared its head towards silly offenses stays locked away. With how many times I watched as Barry threw a temper tantrum because dinner wasn’t done when he got home, I’d expected him to lash out by now. Intriguing. The more time I spend with this pig-faced, dough boy I can see the payout growing larger. He slams on the brakes when I pop up in the backseat earning him a couple of honks. It was almost adorable when he tried to leave me behind as if I am bound by the laws of earth.  I say nothing, letting the morning traffic work its magic. Barry has shown me that sometimes it’s all about the little things.

Sweat beads around Pig’s balding temple as I follow him to a large room with a long, rectangle table directly in the middle. I slouch into an empty chair…this one’s got wheels and rolls. When the door closes behind the last person Barry begins to speak, droning on about some stupid problem at work.

“Hey Pig, you should get some of these chairs that have wheels. Unlike the weak ass chairs at your motel.”

I sit across from Barry who’s now standing tall, and proud, sweat beads wiped away as though they had never existed. When he began he had moved around the room slowly, two of his steps matched two rounds for me. But now he was hopping around the room, voice happy and hopeful. All eight other faces in the room are smiling, slightly tilted towards him as if what he is saying has merit. This is the Barry that other people see; smart, and friendly. This is not the Barry that I know, and I can’t have people thinking wrongly of him…can I?

“You know Pig; there are some ancients in here. I bet even you could take a couple of them out before you got tired.” His speech falters with a glance in my direction. He slowly picks at his last words trying to regain his momentum, clearly distracted. I continue, “I could help you get away you know, if you want to do it. It would be so easy. Take this guy first though; you’d be doing him a favor.”

His eyes don’t leave my shadow, stuttering through his closing montage as I stalk towards a wrinkly human, sitting in a poor fitting dirt-brown suit.

“Grab that pen and put it right in his eye. He deserves it, doesn’t he? Do it, Pig. Do it.” I whisper as the air cools around us. “Pig. Pig. PIIIIGGGGG”

“My name’s not Pig.” Barry shouts, veins bulging around his clenched fists ending the congratulatory clapping. A stupid social custom, if you’re asking my opinion.

“Are you okay, Barry?” A young woman with bushy eyebrows calls out, “No one called you a pig.”

“What?” Barry’s voice wavers, unsure. He didn’t think I’d be able to rile him up, he thought he was in control. Ha. Every time he thinks he’s in control I will rip it from him.

“Maybe you should take an early lunch. Did you eat breakfast?” Her concern is more than Barry deserves… more than a co-worker should give. I look closer at her- her chin dimpled right in the middle of her square jaw, wrinkles lining the corner of her mouth. The woman that Barry spends his weekday nights with…I should keep her in mind.

“If anyone asks please let them know I’m off to lunch, Silvia.” Barry blows her off, rushing towards the exit so eager to get away. This time I follow his frustration is as delicious as a chocolate milkshake, or so I’ve heard.

“Barry, Barry wait!” she calls out, almost tripping over her too big heels.

“What is it Silvia?” Barry wipes the sweat from his neck- stuck between politeness and the desire to escape. Surprisingly, politeness wins out. Maybe he’s hoping she’ll give him some special attention right here.

“Just know Pig, if this goes your way I’ll still be watching.” I let out a laugh that that makes his cheeks cringe.

“Are you okay, honey?” Her voice is childlike as she scans the room.

“Don’t ever call me honey.” His eyes hold a gleam of warning, his voice just loud enough for her (and of course, me) to hear. “Especially here.”

“Honey is better then what she should be calling you. Ugly. Pig-like. That would be closer to the truth.”

“Shut up.” Barry growls. Silvia’s eyes grow wet with tears. Does she think her tears make a difference? It didn’t make a difference any time he laid hands on his wife.

“I…I’m sorry, sir. I will hold your calls until you get back.” She bows her head as if waiting for permission to leave.

“Shit. No come on. We will go to lunch. What’s that place you like again?” Is he serious? Is it possible he cares for this wretch? Maybe I don’t have to wait…Barry and Silvia could have a fantastic ending.

“Russo’s?” Her eyes light up with excitement- it wasn’t often that Barry took her out in public. How easy he fools her, much easier than he could fool his wife. She found out about his cheating and he left without a fight, for once.


The restaurant in question was a dimly lit dump- small, only a handful of booths. They are led to the back and slide in; I slide in next to Silvia refusing to let him forget that I am there.

“You know you did great today. I heard them talking after you rushed out, I think you’ve got it.” Her fingers gently trace across his hand as she bats her eyelashes like a teenage girl.


“You’ve totally got this. I’m so proud of you. Maybe after this we should celebrate?” Her second-hand heels dance up his legs with a wink. “There’s a hotel right down the street.”

At the word hotel Barry’s head whips in her direction, tongue hanging out like a mutt being offered a piece of bacon. “Do we have time?”

“If we get our food to go…” Her voice trails off, silently praying that he’ll say yes.

“Go get us a room, I’ll pay and meet you there.” She smiles, and is gone.

“You know Pig…you don’t have to pay. Just grab the food and go.” Barry  turns towards me but says nothing. “Oh, come on. They’re ripping you off anyway. It’ll be fun.” His eyes knit together as if he can’t decide. I’ve almost got him. So close. “You’ll be able to get to her sooner; your lunch is only so long.”

The waitress drops off the food and check with a quick smile, and goes back into the kitchen. How trustful humans can be.

“Run.” Barry stands up so fast he trips on the leg of the booth, he grabs his bag and runs.

He is mine.


Our demon has so much left to do with Barry- so far his ploys have been slow and small…but they won’t stay that way forever. His plan for Barry is bright, and terrible.

Would you guys like another part of YPMGN (You’re Playing My Game Now) or would you like a new writing prompt? We’ve got many fun ones to try! Let us know in the comments!