YPMGN Part 5

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Everything in the room suddenly stops as if someone had paused time, the only ones that could move were Barry and myself. Another demon perk, I couldn’t pause time forever but a little blip here and there could work wonders.

“Hey Pig. I think it’s time we had a little talk, don’t you agree? You can ignore the uglies in blue asking questions for the time being. Don’t worry, they won’t hear anything you say…unless I want them too.” Barry sends me a horrified look, not sure if it’s because of me or because of the handcuffs gleaming on the officers belts. “I’ve been your roommate for a while now and I want to re-iterate one of the first things I told you when we first met. I’m not your friend or your enemy really. I’m not here to tell you what’s right or wrong, not that I don’t enjoy giving you a hint or two, only what you are capable of. And you are capable of such great things. My hold on you is not yet complete but I’m so close I can taste the blood. The red, sticky metallic fluid being juiced into my mouth. Delicious.” I pause for effect, hey; a demon’s gotta enjoy the little things too.

“I know these imitation law-enforcers look scary but think about justice. Oh, I don’t mean jail time or anything silly like that. I mean true justice. A little justice on all those that have wronged you as well and only something like me can give you that, Pig. Whatever happens next, I just want you to know that you cannot escape me. So, what are YOU going to do?”

Barry’s eyes flutter confused, not sure what to make of my little speech. I had to give a little touch of doubt, and perhaps I may have lied a little bit. Can you blame me? I’m a demon after all.

“Sir, are you okay? Are you able to answer the question?” The male officer questions, looking concerned at Barry’s posture defeated posture and pale face.

“Yes, yes. I’m fine. What did you say you were here for?” Barry gives a fake smile, knowing full well that they are there for his assault on that pubescent turd.

“The altercation that happened just outside this office, a few minutes ago? There are pictures of you strangling a kid- quite a few of his friends took pictures. I’m sorry but we are going to have to place you under arrest.”

Hilarious that the kid’s friends just stood there taking pictures, not bothering to help their friend. Such a sad world today. But I must admit that the pool of ingrates has really risen over the past couple years.

“Oops, looks like you really messed up Pig. Seems like some people are going to get a glimpse of the man you really are.” Barry gives me an incredulous look, as if my speech had him thinking I had some ability to feel empathy. Hehehe. While he and I both know I could probably get him out of this…I’m a little more interested to see where this thing takes us. Plus, I have a bigger picture of violence and death. These meat bags are not part of my plan.

The click and snapping of the silver handcuffs bring Barry to his knees. “I didn’t do it, it wasn’t me. I swear it was the demon.” Barry plead, the officers giving each other a quick look that I could only guess said ‘This guys a loon.’ Did Barry really think that anyone would believe that he wasn’t the perpetrator? Only the psychotics and those who have danced with a demon would believe him, and neither of these officers have the stain. It wasn’t like it wasn’t a line they hadn’t heard a dozen times; granted at least half of those times were probably true. My kind get a lot of action around here.

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“Damn pig, these chairs are worse than the ones in that shit-hole you call home. They are going to make you sit here for hours. Your poor butt checks, although there’s enough cushion on yours that it shouldn’t be so bad.”

Barry twiddles his thumbs anxiously unable to do very much more; he is sweating profusely from his every greasy pore. Maybe he should have taken a shower after his little tryst. He is strapped to the table still, a little silly but I suppose they can take no chances.

“Why are you doing this to me? There’s nothing left to take from me. I lost everything before you even got her.” He snaps with a false bloom of courage. Silly humans thinking they are still top of the food chain, even after meeting me. I rise from my rock hard chair, shoulders seeming to triple in size as I give him a glace of my dark and unholy wings for the first time.

“Listen to me now, Pig, for I do not want to repeat myself again. I was never here to take everything from you as you personally have nothing that I want. You humans and your silly material connection. How stupid. There is simply something you can do, something that I would love to help you do.” Barry’s eyes are wide with terror, revealing my true form is always a great way to scare a human back into my corner. I pull my wings in slowly, snug against my back to help release a little tension from the room.

“What do I have to do?” Barry wonders aloud, tears flooding from his beady eyes. Poor Pig, maybe I pushed a little too hard. Nah.

“I want blood, Pig. A lot of it. And you’re going to help me get it.” I smile as the door opens behind Barry and a man with a folder walks in.

Let the games begin.

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Barry and our demon are about to get into some serious trouble. Will it end in the blood bath that the demon desires? Share your thoughts below!

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