What I’m Playing

I’m a huge video game nerd- which is a bonus for my husband because he’s even a bigger video game nerd.

It’s bad, I mean at our wedding his father toasted that we were soul mates and he couldn’t believe that in our living room we have two tv’s side by side with two Xbox One’s. The thing is…it’s true!

We probably wouldn’t have two if they made more games that were split screen…but it is nice to have our own screens and be able to go off and do things on our own as well. Heck, sometimes he will play one game with his friends while I play a totally different one.

Right now I’m into three games:

  1. Sims4catsanddogs

I’ve always been a Sims person, I don’t even know why. Some people find it pointless but I find it entertaining for different lengths of time. I get really into it for awhile, then I fall out for awhile and then I’m back again.

I got Cats & Dogs & City Living 50% off during the Holiday season (otherwise I probably wouldn’t have gotten them) and I’m enjoying having a Sim with pets, and her own Vet’s office. It’s kind of fun treating the pets. Usually I spend so much time making an obnoxiously big family that’s nearly impossible to take care of (and end up cheating for $$) but I’m playing it for real this time. No cheats!

2. state of decay

I know this one’s a little older (it came out in 2013) but we just got it because it was on sale for $7.50 and I’m a big fan of Zombie RPG type games.

I don’t know why I just adore Zombie games, and I love all the different kinds of things you can do. You’ve got to build up your home base to keep zombies out, build outposts to keep away zombie hordes. You have to find and help survivors and people from your group and convince people to join you.

Not to mention you’ve got to search from things, and there’s different kinds of zombies and infestations you have to clear/kill.

If you like zombie games, this is one for you. Plus, the second one is coming out this year and I’m fan-girling over here about it.

3. paladins

This is an Xbox game still in Beta version- they are constantly updating it, adding new heroes, new maps and game functions.

You can play in groups with your friend and go head-to-head with other teams. You have four other teammates (a total of 5 on a team) and you have tons of characters to choose from. The classes are healer, damage dealer, flank, and front liner. Your team set up can set you up for a win or loss.

I usually end up being the healer mainly because I’m the one whose super aware of where all my teammates are on the map. I’m much better at it then trying to deal extra damage or flank around. I’m not stealthy at all.

What kind of games are you into? Let me know what you’re playing!

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