My Little Zoo

My apartment is basically like a little zoo. So much so that my husband won’t let me near pet stores, or any sites that sell animals. (Well, kind of! Hehe.)

We’ve got three cats, and three fishtanks. We also at one point had two sugar gliders, two guinea pigs, mice and hamsters. I can’t help it, I’m an animal lover. I want to love them all.

First up is my eldest kitty, Luna Bug.


This girl I got August of 2012 from my local humane society. I was getting ready for my final year of college and was finally getting an apartment. My mom yelled at me for getting her but I didn’t care. Look at her beautiful face.

She is my biggest pain in the butt cat though. I’m not sure why but she has this obsession with waking me up multiple times a night. I can never figure out what she wants, seems like she just wants me in the living room.

Next up is my only boy kitty, Oliver.


He is our baby through and through. He is possibly one of the sweetest cats I’ve ever met. Loves to lay on laps even though he’s massive. He’s almost two feet long and fifteen pounds.

He loves to cuddle, and it’s amazing!

Last up, my youngest kitty who I got because she looks like she could be the daughter of my Luna and Oliver. She actually has a gray mom and orange dad. Cleo Sweets


She’s our weird one. She has a foot fetish, and no I’m not kidding. She loves feet. To cuddle, to smell. When I take off my work shoes she immediately cuddles them and likes to sleep with her head in them.

Three fish tanks, I know what you are thinking: are they crazy?

The answer is yes.

We have two freshwater: one houses two betta’s (it is split so don’t worry they can’t fight!) and one houses an angelfish, pleco and like twenty cory cats.

Our saltwater, which we only got because my brother upgraded and gave us everything for free houses two maroon clowns, one crazy starfish (that looks nothing like your standard one and I wish I had a good picture of it), a Halloween crab and multiple corals.


That’s a picture of our female Clown and a Bubble Tip Anemone.

That’s it for our little zoo, do any of you have a zoo of your own?


I know things are looking a little crazy blog wise, I’m in the process of completely changing it and hopefully I’ll have it all ready soon. I’m having some troubles with the ‘logo’ picture.

Even though I changed it out with the new one it was still showing the old one! Tried changing the theme a few times, and eventually I removed the picture from my media and that was the only way to get it to go away.

But now? Now no matter what I do I cannot get the new logo picture to show. Oh, what fun I shall have!


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