Healthy Relationships

Okay, so I may be a Newlywed and all that but I’ve been with my husband for years and there are some things that I think are important for keeping the relationship healthy.

1. Get your Significant Other little ‘gifts’ now and then.

These don’t have to be anything elaborate or anything like that. I’m talking little things that they just love. My husband will occasionally see things like my favorite candy bar and surprise me with one. I’ll bring him home something small like a cute little Batman trinket that costs $2. It makes us both feel loved and doesn’t take much effort.

2. Thank your S.O. for the things they do around the house.

GASP! I know what you’re thinking: why would I thank them for doing things they should be doing?

The answer is simple, everyone likes to be appreciated. I constantly thank my husband for making me dinner, doing dishes, and pretty much anything around the house and when I do I can tell he feels appreciated. And he does it right back.

Now I’m not saying that you have to thank them every time they do a simple task but I guarantee that the more you thank them the more likely they are to continue to do it.

Try it out. I’m serious.

3. Do things you don’t like doing that they do.

This one seems pretty simple, right?

Now I’m not really into certain things that my husband is, like Dr. Who or anime (like Death Note). But every once in a blue moon I’ll watch something with him and he gets so excited it’s adorable.

And you just might enjoy doing it because your S.O. is having such a good time.


Those are just a couple of tips that I think will keep your relationship healthy. Try them out and let me know how they work.

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