The Magician

So we finally finished our little short story from last Tuesday’s prompt. If you don’t remember it is:


Now we might have made the child a little older but it sparked an idea for my husband. The main character of this short story is actually the antagonist of a book he is currently writing. He thought it would be cool to do and help him relate more to the character. Enjoy!

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When people think about magic they think of pulling a rabbit out of a hat. They fall victim to slight of hand tricks, but real magic is far more impressive. Real magic exists but not everyone has this magic, it’s as rare as a unicorn. I’ve never seen an actual caster perform, they are always common tricksters.

A few of my friends had convinced me to go to a show, held at a local theater that housed over one thousand seats. The headline of the night should have read Pathetic tricks that take no real skill.

“I can’t believe we finally got you to come Devin. Last week this guy was doing the coolest fire tricks.” Ellen boasted with enthusiasm; somehow entertained by the idiocy.

“The tricks are stupid, it’s not like it’s real magic.” I grunted as we pulled into the parking lot.

“Didn’t anyone ever tell you just to believe?” Steve questioned, narrowing his eyes as he slid into a parking spot in the full lot.

“I believe in plenty of things but I don’t see the point in this crap.” I pointed out as we all got out of the car and turned to check out the Red Theater.

The building was old but solid, standing taller than the buildings surrounding it. Even with the updated lighting and billboards it still gave off the illusion of being taken back in time. The building had been updated multiple times over the years but they did their best to keep it as original as possible.

We didn’t talk as we waited in line to have our tickets scanned. Everyone around us was peering around, eyes wide with excitement.

“To get to your seats please enter through the door near the concession stand and someone will escort you.” An older lady smiled as she ushered us in.

Steve took off for the concession stand like a dog that hadn’t eaten in days, with a shrug Ellen and I made our way towards our seats.

I cursed under my breathe as I realized that we were in the front row. At least the magician might be able to see my digust.

Steve sat down sporting two bags of popcorn, some candy and an obnoxiously large drink just as the lights around us started to dim. Everyone in the audience quieted down as the so-called magician took the stage.

“Hello, ladies and gentleman. I am the Great Hoosweeny!” He stated taking a long bow causing he audience to burst into applause.

Great Hoosweeny my ass. There’s not a thing great about him.

He performed trick after trick each time bowing as though he had accomplished some great task. How is any of this entertaining when one simply just needed to unlock something or push something up your sleeve? Even the tricks that seemed more magical were just simple tricks with wires and strings.

“For my last magic trick of the night I’m going to need a volunteer from the audience. Of course I’ll be picking completely randomly, I assure you.”

People jumped out of their seats hands raised high in the air begging to be chosen.

“How cool would it be to be sawed in half?!” Steve declared trying to get the magician’s attention.

“I really just want to touch his cape.” Ellen whispered to me with a wink.

“You there, come up here.” Hoosweeny pointed toward us.

Ellen stood up with a smile waving towards the audience members.

“No, no. The one in the middle. The one that looks like a non-believer.” The pudgy man laughed causing Ellen to drop into her seat like a sack of potatoes.

I really, really wish I hadn’t let them talk me into coming. I definitely did not want to be part of this trashy show. Steve pulled me up ushering me to the stage. My feet dragged as I made my way slowly up to stand next to the fake.

I suppose I could have a little fun with this.

Every time he tried to pick something up I made it float away. He continued to smile for the audience but up close it was undeniable that he had no idea what was going on.

“What the-“ His words were interrupted as I made one of his gadgets malfunction, shooting cream into his face.

My bad.

I spent the next few minutes doing my best to make him feel like an idiot, but every time something weird happened it just made the audience clap harder. He tried to whip his hat onto his head but the hat refused to sit tight, floating away every time he let it go.

He finally gave up and pulled out a deck of cards, when he pulled one out to show the audience a small explosion cracked causing him to drop all the cards on the floor. When they landed I waved my finger slightly making them swarm around him smacking into his face over and over.

Somehow he managed to make all of my tricks look like he had caused them to happen. No one seemed to see his as the fraud I wanted them to see.

“Thank you all, and have a wonderful night.” He wrapped up the show, bowing deeply as one by one everyone in the crowd stood up to clap.

Is everyone really this foolish? How could they not decipher between the real magic and the fake tricks that he had actually performed.

It was like a fire was suddenly light inside me, I had been the one to pull off the cool tricks. Not this stupid swine that was waving from the stage.

I swung my hand wide causing the magician to smack into the wall behind him. The crowd gasped as I pushed him up into the air, no longer trying to hide my power. I pushed down causing him to slam into the ground, the impact spraying blood across the black curtains.

Multiple people screamed and they began pushing each other towards the doors. The room suddenly stood still as I cast one of my specialty spells. My ability to freeze time while leaving the person aware was something that I had created to terrify my enemies.

“Calling the pathetic tricks this idiot performed tonight magic makes me sick. Thinking magic is cheap tricks is stupid. If any of you survive the night you will tell people that you saw real magic.” I stepped up to the microphone pausing to look around the theater.

My friends that I had come with were no where to be found, they must have bolted when I slammed the man against the wall. I could see the terror in the moving eyes of audience and smiled wickedly.

“And now, for my last trick of the night…” I boasted sarcastically as I waved my arms conjuring a long trail of fire completely under my control. It slithered along the floor of the stage igniting everything it touched.

I no longer cared if any of these people survived or not. With another wave my fire separated a pathway to the door and I walked out.

Turning just as I exited the door I called out, “Good luck to you all.” And I sealed the door with flames not bothering to undo my spells. Even if none of these fools live, the world will know my name.

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Remember if you wrote a short story for either of our Tuesday’s prompts post one of your links in the comments of them. You can find the magician one here. And you can find our newest one here.

I hope everyone has a great New Years Weekend!

4 thoughts on “The Magician

  1. Wow, that dude is NOT a nice guy. We’re watching a show called “The Magicians” from FX on Netflix right now. The story reminded me a little bit of one of the characters..determined to show what she can do and convinced the rest of the world is a bit stupid. But, this guy seems truly evil. It sounds like Devin will be an excellent antagonist in the novel. Great prompt!

    Liked by 1 person

      • BOOKS! I forgot it was based on books. We’re halfway through Season 1 I think. I was thinking of Julia’s dive into the hedgewitch scene and Marina as the villain. We’ve had to put our watching binge on pause for a few days, but I hope to catch up to you soon!


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