Fairy Lights

So, I’m kind of playing with a fairy story. I haven’t gotten very far and let’s face it will probably change this scene like twenty times but I decided to let people read this rough first draft and get some reactions.


I love the feeling of my long black hair tickling my lower back, it was soft and comforting. Not long ago I wore it short, trying to hide its odd coloring from my town. In a sea of bright pink, blue, red and purple hair black was hard to hide. Eventually I realized that it was impossible and grew it out.

Just on the outskirts of town my little cottage stood almost buried beneath the trees and plants. As a fae my love for gardening and nature was a given; in fact that majority of abilities end up being related to nature somehow. Except for me.

My magic causes death, and decay. One wrong touch from me and that was it.

Honestly, I’m pretty sure they only let me live here because they are afraid of what I might do if I was fully cast out.

“You have a beautiful garden.”

I jump, my water can clanging against the stepping stones. No one ever came near my cottage.

“I’m sorry, did I startle you?” A playful smirk sat on the intruders full, cherry red lips. He leaned his tall frame against my white fence.

How odd that a human would have wandered here, his blonde hair marks him as someone not from my village. In fact, I’d never seen a human in our village before.

“No, sorry. Thank you.” I mumble, stooping down to pick up my now empty watering can. I turn and fill it up, expecting him to be gone when I turn back. “Can I help you with something?”

His laugh is deep and musical; he cradles a low hanging red apple. “May I?”

I nod. He gently plucks the apple from its branch and bites into it. The juice runs from the corners of his mouth as he gives a low moan of delight. I can’t say I blame him, my apples are delicious.

“I’m Micah.” He announces as he takes another crunchy bite.


He finishes the apple and tosses it with precision into the compost pile across the yard, licking the last of the juice from his lips.

Another set of voices break our awkward silence when two girls round the corner they stop abruptly and glance between Micah and I. Their blue and pink curls bounce as they turn to each other and the whispers begin.

I can’t help the heat as it rushes to my cheeks, glancing away I hope he doesn’t notice but of course he does.

“Can we help you?” The blue-haired girl squeaks with a smile, twisting one curl around her finger.

“No, thank you.” His voice has lost all its warmth as he turns his back on them.

The girl steps towards him, hands on her hips as she glares my way. “You shouldn’t waste your time here. It’s dangerous.”

“In case you didn’t hear me the first time, I do not require your assistance. I find it extremely rude for you to speak to Ember this way, you should apologize.”

She shrinks back under his larger shadow, eyes wide as she gazes between the two of us. Her friend pulls her away and they rush away.

As soon as they are out of sight his entire demeanor changes. The hard look in his eyes is replaced by a content look, maybe even a little interest. His shoulders release the tension and relax.

“They were extremely rude. How distasteful.” His tongue clicks twice as he shakes his head. He grasps the top of my fence as he leans over it.

“It’s nothing.” I finish watering my dark red tulip caressing it gently. My favorite flower.

“I disagree.” He glances at a silver watch, “I am sad to say I have to go, but I’ll be seeing you.”


That night a scream silences the creatures of the night, it pulls me out of bed and into the square. There are people everywhere and I flip the hood of my long coat over my head. Sometimes it’s easier to remain unseen.

A gasp escapes me as the center of town comes into view; dark liquid is pooled around a broken, twisted body. Curls of blue peak out and I creep closer. The dead girl is the same girl who had interrupted Micah and me.

They are going to think I did this.


For some reason I cannot get fairies out of my head. Worth some fun to try.

Typing Tuesday’s prompt from us is coming next week. 🙂 I’m hoping I get some linked back posts soon. If you wanted to participate in that go right here. Link up your blogs for a chance to be featured in my features Sunday.

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