Share the Love Sunday

So, I thought I would use my first Share the Love Sunday (inspired by Blogs of Bloom, a facebook group).

This is one my personal favorite blogs that I follow. If you are someone who loves writing, and talking about writing this blog might just be something for you.

I always find myself wanting to comment on this blog- to say the least it’s extremely engaging and you are guaranteed some interaction from the author.

I promise if you check this blog out you won’t be disappointed!

There are a lot of people out there giving advice on how to write and that’s a great thing… BUUUUT sometimes it’s just so bad that it just makes me want to get a bit stabby with my pen on the page, scrawling something akin to “arghhhghdjsfg whyyyy”… Okay, I’m exaggerating- though it does physically […]

via World’s Worst Writing Advice — the orang-utan librarian

Let me know what you think!


On another note, we do have a short story in the works for you! This one doesn’t really have a title yet but the two main characters will definitely be an entertaining pair. You’ll follow these two best friends, criminals turned family man in a weird event that may just have them using some of their old skills. I will be posting be posting this Tuesday!

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