NaNo Widows

I think some friends and families of the NaNo writers may consider themselves NaNo widows. It’s kind of funny because my husband just called himself a ‘Call of Duty widow’ because one of his best friends got the new Call of Duty and won’t play a different game with him. That got me thinking of all the poor souls who have to sit tight while us WriMo’s/Nano’s try to make it to the 50k before the end of the month.

I feel like it’s been forever since we posted- only a few days but we usually post three times a week! Don’t worry I won’t go AWOL on you.

My husband is actually working on a new short story- it’s going to be a little ‘lighter’ than our last few. Now that Halloween is done we thought maybe we should do something a little less dark.

Don’t worry if you are a fan of our demon and necromancer series- more will be coming! And I have to admit that the demon book is about to get really crazy. I hope you all are as excited as I am!

Sunday I am going to post our first ‘Share the Love’ post where I will feature a blog that I really enjoy reading. Hopefully tomorrow our new series will be ready as well! Fingers crossed.

I also want to brag a tiny little bit, because I finally reached 20k on our NaNo novel. I hope once I start to actually get to edit it I can show you guys a little bit but in the meantime I’ll give you a little snapchat of what’s happening now.

My MC Addy is in the middle of her second test of the Proving. It has proven (oh man, is that a pun?) to be a dangerous game as they must fight their way through the rooms representing each of their regions and uh oh, one of her teammates may have not made it. It’s hard to tell if their will be any more casualties of test two. And Addy has no idea if her best friend Michael is still alive in his. Two more rooms are between Addy and ‘safety’, if anyone is really ever safe during The Proving.

Does it sound like we might be making any good headway with this? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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