You’re Playing My Game Now Part 4 (YPMGN)

If you haven’t read the first three parts of this short story head over to the Categories sections and click on YPMGN (Series) for them!


“Couldn’t have given me a half hour of peace, could ya?” Barry’s rough voice broke the sound of streaming water coming from his floozy’s shower. Barry dipping out while Silvia is in the shower is kind of a crap mood but I was all for it. It’s not like she’s an innocent party in this; she’s aware that he is a married man with a kid. Plus she was hiding a deep, very disturbing secret. But I could see the blood on her hands. It wasn’t something that could be washed away with soap and water. A deed that dark imprints on your very soul; makes the naughty humans much easier to spot.

“A half hour? Really? I’d say five minutes.” I must be getting stronger, I can almost read the effect my words have on him. How easy it is to break someone’s manhood, such a delicate wall.

“Shut up.” Barry grunts, trying to turn the doorknob but I know he is feeling the tingling sensation that my control has. I hold his arm in place with a wide-toothed grin.

“You feel that Pig?” I step up next to him, “That sensation? You’re losing control. I am bound to you now. You feed me more and more power but you can’t stop it. There’s no point in trying, only one of us will make it through this- the question is how many causalities will there be?” I loosen my hold on his arm and the door swings open. By the look on his face I know my words hit home.



“Watch where you’re going.” Barry mutters as a teenage boy bumps into his shoulder outside his office.

“Watch yourself old man.” The teenagers slightly high-pitched voice exclaims, his friends laughs encourage his rude behavior. Delicious.

Barry whips around and snags the boy around his neck and growls, “Excuse me?”

The boy whimpers, face as white as an angels wing. He tries to shake his head and I whisper softly, “That’s right Pig. He deserves it. Little shit he is. Squeeze tighter”

Barry’s veins bulge as his hand closes around the boys neck harder; the boy rakes his fingernails across Barry’s hands, clawing for air. A quick flash of a camera shakes Barry out of his stupor and he drops the boy to the ground. He cradles his bloody, scratched hand to his chest and stumbles backward.

“I…I…god, I’m sorry kid.”

He slams his office door closed, gasping heavily, eyes wild with shock…and maybe a little fear. He looks towards my shadow with accusation, “You made me do that.”

“I’ll admit I edged you on a little. But Pig that was all you.” I’m lying, so what? If there’s one thing that truly scares a human it’s the thought of them losing their minds. “You lost control, just like you’ve done so many times before. I bet you thought that you just did it to your wife because she drove you crazy, huh? Sorry little Pig. You’re a monster.”

“No!” His fist pounds the desk, “It’s you. Sick freak. Leave me alone.”

An unexpected soft knock on his office door startles us both. “Mr. Heffner? Sir, the police are here to ask you a few questions.”

Barry’s chubby face drains of color, not unlike that teenage boy from just a few minutes ago. What’s that thing some humans are obsessed with? Something about what comes around goes around? Oh, yeah, karma.

Did my wife report me? Did that kid? Shit. Shit. Shit. How did they get here so fast? What am I going to do? I can’t run. Barry’s thoughts swarm around me.

“You could bash him over the head with this ugly paperweight thing. Ugh, who gave this to you? Did you tell them their taste was horrible?”

“Shut up. I can’t deal with you right now.” Barry groans, trying to rub the blood off his hand.

“Excuse me, sir?” Silvia squeaks from the other side of the door.

“Let them in Silvia!” Barry quickly adjusts his clothes, and hides his hand behind his back.

“Barry Heffner?” A skinny, blonde officer questions with a glance around the room. A young, black woman follows him in the room, hand shifted towards her strapped gun.

“That’s me. How can I help you?” Barry reaches out and quickly shakes the officer’s hand. His forehead is again beaded with sweat, his voice barely managing to stay even.

“We’d like to ask you a few questions about an altercation just outside that occurred about fifteen minutes ago. It seems that a teenage boy was attacked and the witnesses took a picture that looks an awful lot like you.”


What will happen to Barry? Will he get arrested for assaulting the teenager? What will the demon make him do next?

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