You’re Playing My Game Now

Prompt: Sometimes instead of a guardian angel being assigned to someone a guardian demon is assigned. Their methods are often more violent but much more straightforward.


Since the beginning of humans guardian angels have taken all the glory of destiny. How wrong they are. Sure, the good things are often done by angels. Their disgusting butterfly effect is constantly swarming around people like an aura. No one ever thinks much about the bad things though- never truly giving credit where it’s due. A demon dragging a horrid man straight into the mouth of hell- that’s beautiful.

We’re the lucky ones though- not really being assigned to a specific human. Instead we get to take our time picking out the perfect monkey to slowly tear apart. Mentally, physically; either will do. Often drawn to those who have evil in their soul- what can I say? It’s what we like. Don’t get me wrong I will take down a so-called good Samaritan any day. A demon can pick anyone they like-but the rush from taking down someone who instills fear in others. Damn.

We are the things scary movies talk about. I’ve even seen a movie based on things I’ve done. A guardian demon is a voice that only you can hear. A cold breathe that whispers in your ear; a dark shape that you can’t quite see.  Pushing you to do things-pushing you to see things unable to resist.

My giddiness reflects that of a human child on Christmas day as my most recent choice opens his motel door; Barry Heffner’s shifty eyes checking out the surrounding area. This doughy sack of man meat has a soft and innocent appearance; but I know better. His well-manicured hands capable of defiling family lines and eyes an ocean blue which turn so cold they become ice.  I’m telling you…his soul is mine.

I stand next to the ice machine as Barry thumps towards it like a sack of potatoes. I wonder if today is the day that he will finally see me- it’s always a process. Sometimes it can takes month of stalking, sometimes minutes. There was a rumor going around once that we appeared when the person had finally realized that they had done something wrong. I disagree. I don’t think some of these garbage humans would ever see it.

“Who are you? Who’s there?” Barry’s high-pitched squeal breaks my train of thought. And I was just getting to the good part. His short, stubby finger points towards the shadowy corner I sit.

“Can you see me?” I question, amused. It is finally beginning.

“Who are you?” he repeats backing slowly towards his room, shaking arm still pointed in my direction. I can’t blame him I make a pretty bad ass shadow. It’s a shame he can’t see my layers of shark like teeth. Or my long, black leathery fingers.  I am the thing from human nightmares.

“I am neither friend, nor foe. Giving me a name is useless- there is only one thing you will remember after meeting me. “ I pull myself up from the ridiculous death trap humans call chairs; I hate them but I can’t resist using them. His shadow disappears into my own which eclipses all the surrounding light, plunging us into complete darkness. “Now that you’ve seen me you’re gonna put up with whatever I have to say.”

“Seen you! I can’t see anything.” He gasps as the air around him turns into a sulfur cloud.

“That is the beauty, Pig. May I call you pig? It’s kind of fitting. I chose you, or perhaps you chose me with all those dirty deeds. Tell me, no lies between pals now; do you know you’re a dirt bag?” My glee grows as my words hit home, his head whips around as though I have delivered a blow.

“What…no. I haven’t done anything.” His back was finally backing into his doorway probably thinking he could keep me out with a closed door. As if doors were an obstacle for something like me.

I whip around him to take a seat in a more plush chair. “I said no lies.” My voice deepens on the last word. His face trembles- I won’t have any problems scaring this one. Weak. And I love showing them just how weak they are.

His shoulders sag with defeat finally realizing that I’m not going away. I wish I could paint a portrait of the little, pathetic human trash cowering in front of me and stick it on his refrigerator for all to see. You’d be able to see it from every angle in the small room. And I’d be able to enjoy it for a while with Barry in such denial. He still doesn’t speak.

“I’ve been watching you for a long time now. I know everything you’ve done.” The seedy lights flicker perfectly to highlight Barry’s filthy pit of a room.

Tap, tap, tap. A knock?

Since no one but Barry can see me I never mind adding a second player. They can be useful. “Gunna get that, Pig?”

His steps are unsteady, nearly tripping over a badly stained rug. When he catches himself a sad wave of disappointment flows through me, I could use a good laugh. A quick twist of the brown doorknob reveals a small, saggy pile of bones often referred to as an ‘old person’.

“I bet her death is right around the corner.” Sliding behind Barry to whisper in his ear.

“Mr. Heffner, a couple of tenants heard a scream. Is everything okay?” Her musical voice full of mock concern, waiting for her next story to feed the gossip queens downstairs.

“Uhm, yes Mrs. Higgy. It was just a spider.” In his lie he has revealed one of his true fears.

“Ha. Spiders? You girl.”  With a slow, deliberate walk I peer over the edge of the railing behind Saggy Bones and smile. I allow the light to tighten the shadows around me; revealing a blurry image of my long limbs. “That’s a long way down Pig. What happens to those old bones when you push her over.”

Barry gives Saggy Bones some random response trying to push her out the door his eyes never leaving my shadow.

“Pig, you know you love the thrill. Everyone would believe she had a heart attack and fell over the edge.”

His door shuts and the moment is over. “You know I guessed you wouldn’t break on the first try. Plus, she’s not really your type. Too old. I’d say little girls is your thing? Well, no mind. Sometimes the wait is the best part of breaking a human.”


If you’d like to continue reading this story click here:  Part 2

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  1. well written…. It’s a unique artical i have read, now a days no one things about these…. You have such a great creative mind gifted by god. Keep going…

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